Why you should take advantage of crypto presale events

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2 min readOct 18, 2021

Finding great crypto projects can be pretty challenging, especially in a space where new projects keep popping up every day. But not to worry, we have written a great article that will help you find the next big crypto projects, read all about it here. But what do you do when you find a crypto project that ticks all your boxes? Well, the next thing is to opt in for pre-sale.

What is pre-sale and what are the benefits that come with it?

While the presale stage is a way for the company to launch its ICO to provide investors an opportunity to join their crowdfunding campaign, the presale usually comes before a crypto project launches a full-fledged crowdsale.

Even though the presale stage allows investors to buy tokens before the crowdsale kick-off, it is a great way for companies to raise money for their projects.

If you’re a die-hard ICO investor, you’ll know that the pre-sale stage of any ICO is where you get to enjoy significant discounts and larger bonuses.

Most ICOs woo large investors by offering them mouthwatering discounts during their pre-sale as well as other bonuses that won’t be available during the public sale stage.

With pre-sale, you enjoy a lower price per token, higher bonus amount tokens, and additional bonuses.

Rosa Finance pre-sale

At the moment, the Rosa Finance pre-sale isn’t live yet, but guess what, now is a good time to plan ahead to take advantage of our pre-sale before it launches. Prepare your mind to join this remarkable project at its earliest and get our token at its cheapest. Rest assured that you’ll enjoy remarkable bonuses from joining our presale. And if you’re not so thrilled with that, you can simply join our whitelist for even better offers.



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