What you should expect from the Rosa Finance project

A powerful DeFi app that lets you plan your future

Being the most exciting next generation fund, we are excited to announce that the Rosa Finance project is secured by Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Using our sophisticated DeFi app, investors will enjoy multi-chain integrations and seamless transactions that will enable them to maximize value.

Multi-blockchain interoperability

While other projects in the DeFi ecosystem are hosted and powered by only one blockchain, Rosa Finance boasts of a multi-blockchain interoperability. This feature allows ROSA users to choose the ledger that is perfect for their risk profiles as well as requirements for stability and governance. At the moment, our project supports Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, with more chains coming in the future.

Stake your way to a solid financial future

One of the unique things about Rosa Finance is that the project is designed to improve your finances. And thanks to great features like staking, Rosa Finance users can start earning interest against their tokens, how amazing can that be?



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Rosa Finance

Rosa Finance

ROSA Finance Decentralized Pension Fund It’s time to revolutionize a worn out industry and adapt it to 21st century demands