Presale vs. Crowdsale: What you should know

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2 min readOct 18, 2021

There has been a remarkable surge in the world of cryptocurrency ICOs. And if you have followed the happenings in the crypto space since day one, you’ll agree that ICOs have resulted in huge benefits and profits. Without mincing words, ICOs have become a very popular means of funding crypto projects.

In today’s crypto space, many ICOs chose to launch a presale phase before the crowdsale. And if you have been in the crypto space for a while, you’ll agree that the words presale and crowdsale are two popular words within the blockchain ecosystem. That’s why we want to use the opportunity to enlighten our community about both terms. After reading today’s post, you’ll know what presale is and how it is different from crowdsale.

What is presale?

A presale is an event that allows companies to market their project and solicit investors to join them. A presale or pre-ICO event refers to a process that takes place before the general crowdsale. Through presale, investors are allowed to buy tokens before the crowdsale commences. Presale provides crypto projects an opportunity to raise money for their blockchain projects.

Usually, the presale event has a separate smart contract from the main crowdsale. And yes, crypto projects use presale to attract larger investors as well as private investors.

Since presale was launched, it has had a positive impact on ICOs. And for people looking to get tokens at a discount, you’ll not be disappointed to join presale events as tokens are usually sold cheaper than they would during the crowdsale. Investors who participate in presale usually get lower prices per token as well as higher bonus amounts.

As per Rosa Finance, our presale is just around the corner. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to join a project with a lot of prospects.

What is crowdsale?

On the other side of the aisle is crowdsale. And just so you know, this is the bread and butter of all ICO projects. During crowdsale events, crypto companies sell part of their tokens in exchange for money. Through crowdsale, crypto projects are able to raise funds via small investments from a large pool of people to create larger investments. The cool thing about crowdsale is that anyone can participate in crowdsale. So long as you follow all instructions, you’ll become a bonafide investor in a crypto project.

With Rosa Finance, you’ll get the opportunity to invest both in presale and crowdsale. So at the end of the day, you have the final call on which of these options works best for you.



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