How to invest in cryptocurrencies: Exploring the staking methodology and lending on the ROSA Finance ecosystem

  • Staking is when users of a particular network agree to pledge money to the network to help it validate transactions.
  • Lending is a passive earning opportunity where users agree to loan out their crypto assets in return for interest on payment.
  • While both staking and lending allow users to earn tokens, always remember that the risks to reward differ.

What is staking?

Staking is one of the popular financial terms that is pretty unique to the crypto markets. By staking tokens, what investors are simply doing is agreeing to stump up their crypto in a particular network to help it validate transactions. As a reward for doing that, investors earn new tokens.

What is lending?

While staking is designed to help secure a network and validate transactions faster, lending provides investors with a unique opportunity to earn interest on their holdings.



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